After Care 

Below you will find the documents you can download for each service and print a complete After Care for The GINACURL, Thermal Reconditioning and Straight Variation. 

This space is for current clients and the procedures we go over when you are here at the salon. Sometimes after the excitement and how much fun we have here, clients get home and need a reference to how exactly to use the products they have purchased. This is that space for those of you. Shampoo and Conditioning Regimen should be followed by EVERYONE, but further instruction listed on this page is for our GINACURL Client's Only. 

Complete after care for each service is in a downloadable format at the bottom of the page. 

Shampoo: First Shampoo, lifts and loosens

              Second Shampoo, Cleanses and removes

Saturate your hair thoroughly with water.  Add a pump or 2 of Milbon Moisture Shampoo to your hand and begin lathering with fingers, in and out motion, focusing only on scalp. Rinse, out shampoo focusing again on the roots. Begin your second wash with your shampoo and start at the scalp but focus on the mid shafts to ends. Rinse out shampoo completely. Never finger detangle hair with shampoo!

Treatment/Condition: Now wring out your hair so there is as little water as possible. This is very important because if you hair is filled with water the conditioner will just sit on top of the hair, instead of penetrating into the hair. Apply Treatment mid shaft down to ends and massage in a downward motion.  Leave in for a few minutes and using a wide tooth comb, comb through your hair. You may need to section your hair once your roots grow in. Rinse out Conditioner completely (never leave conditioner in the hair, even a little bit) and wring out excess water.

Once a month you can use this as a treatment. Shingle in all over hair, and put a plastic cap on, leave on for 1-6 hours.

Leave in (gc only): Apply Semi Di Lino Extraordinary All in 1 Leave In, or your personal leave in, and shingle into hair (visit our YouTube to see Gina's Shingling Technique). Once Shingled in, spary hair with water if it dries alittle and now you are ready to apply your preferred curl creams and scrunch. 

Finishing/Shine: Once you have completed the above, you can choose to diffuse with a hair dryer and diffuser, and finish off with the Semi Di Lino Cristally Shine Spray. Mist all over and you are done. 

The Next Day(s) (GC Only):  The next couple of mornings you will mist your curls and scrunch. Keeping your hair curly the next three days. no stretching your hair in any way (no pony tails, tucking behind ears, using a hair wrap...) After you sleep and roll around you will be flat in some areas but misting and scrunching will revive your bouncy curls. Be aware your hair has product in it from the previous night, if you have not washed, adding more product can definitely weigh and cause on overload of product build up. Misting and reactivating the product already in your hair is your first step in styling then add more product if needed. If you choose to add more product every day you will need to use a clarifying shampoo once a month. On the third day you will wash condition and comb through. Don't be alarmed,you will have some shedding, you haven't comb through your hair for three day. After that first wash you now can be free do style your hair any way you would like.

Ends and Refreshing: Nigelle Cream, Serum and Fluid are used for refreshing your hair and ends. If you are needing just the slight pick me up or have previously damaged ends this is where these products will come into play. Use them sparingly they are very concentrated like all Nigelle products are. 

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The GinaCurl After Care
Thermal Reconditioning After Care
Straight Variation After Care
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