Gina's GINACURL &Thermal Reconditioning/ Japanese Straightening appointments are scheduled ONLY on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

We DO NOT schedule appointments without a CONSULTATION & DEPOSIT


Gina's GINACURL, Thermals or Straight Variations. 


Online Consultation Only

The Online Consultation Example can be found directly to the right (or below if on a mobile device).  Please use this template only as an example. Put your initial consultation via EMAIL. Photos that are inserted into word are difficult to see.


Please note that if your hair is not blown out or stretched out

in a twist out or a braid out we will quote you higher and make changes if need to when you arrive for your appointment. The shrinkage is very deceiving.

 Answer all of the chemical history questions. Please be thorough. Remember color is a chemical and we need to know what type of color you are using (semi-permanent, permanent, or stain. Also what volume of developer you are using 6vol 10vol or 20vol etc.). Once completed, please send email to: . We will review in one business week and we will respond with a quote, and some preliminary information. Once you receive the quote email and all looks good, you can then give us a call here at the salon and we can get you booked and take your deposit.

*Free of Charge 

How to Prepare the Night Before your GinaCurl

The morning of your appointment we would like to begin as quickly as possible. For this reason we ask that you have your hair as tangle & snarl- free as possible. We recommend wash, condition & comb, apply a light product & do a couple big twist, braids or wrap your hair. A blow out is also fine. Again we are just want it as tangle & snarl- free as possible.  

Client Review: Its Natasha from Texas, I came and got a GINACURL about a month ago. And Gina, you have without a doubt changed my entire perspective of myself. I feel beautiful, I feel radiant, I feel like a new women! All because of my curls! I swear, this had to be the best decision I've made for my hair. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. I've told 3 of my girlfriends about it, because I know you mentioned if I get enough clients, you’ll come to me!  I might be able to do that without a problem!

You were exactly how you are in your videos on youtube! I felt so comfortable sharing with you my hair drama and  never once did I feel uncomfortable as I have felt in other salons.You are such a talent, free spirited, intelligent women with so much passion for hair! Not one black/dominican stylist that I’ve even gone to in the past have the passion for hair as you have!

I went from tight, tight dry hair with so much shrinkage to soft, define , loose curls that actually give me length! I pray The GINACURL sky rockets and you get all the business you deserve from this product because IT WORKS! THANKS GINA! 

Natasha (Dallas, TX)

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