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30 Main St East Haven CT United States 06512 Second Floor

(203) 466-1246

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Clients can simply pay for their Service Deposit from here. All you have to do is add the correct Service Deposit to your cart and check out. This will solidify your appointment and hold it until the day of service.

Deposit Policy: You have up to 7+ Days to cancel your appointment and receive a full refund or transfer your deposit to another date. If you cancel within 7-days of your appointment for any reason, we will then keep your deposit for the many hours we had booked off for your service.


The GINACURL and Thermal Reconditioning/ Japanese Straightening appointments are scheduled ONLY on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

*** Clients who are scheduling one of the four services below, MUST arrive EARLY or ON TIME (as all clients should) at the latest! It is of most importance. Gina has booked 6-8 hours for your service. Any client who is more than 15 minutes late to their appointment will be charged a $50.00 additional fee. If you are more than 30 minutes late this could result in having to reschedule without a refund of your deposit. 

*** If Gina has to cancel your appointment for any reason, you will receive a refund for your deposit only. There will be NO reimbursement for travel or hotel expenses.

A Chemical that Strengthens Hair!

Client Review: Who would think that long, thick curly hair could be burden? People were always surprised that I kept my hair braided. Weekly I would hear...“If I had hair like that, I would let it fly free,” or “If you are going to keep it braided, why don’t you just cut it?”

I was trapped with it long, and I was trapped with it braided. Unbraided would let it billow twice my width. I would literally get snagged on door knobs and stair railings. I would brush things off of table tops as I walked by. It would encroach into my peripheral vision and make me claustrophobic. I could not drive with it out of the braid.

Combing it out was an hour long event each day. Even braided, it would snarl. Combing had to be methodic or it would billow out of control.

I couldn’t think of cutting it. The weight from the length kept it flowing in a downward direction. The braid was the way to tame it. When my hair was shoulder length or shorter, I had to use an ace bandage each night wrapped around my head to keep it from becoming a 1960s mega afro. Shorter hair would give me a granny perm look.

I never complained out loud to people. There are so many people with greater burdens. But I have to say that the Thermal Restructuring has changed my life. For two weeks I was in disbelief. I kept thinking it wasn’t possible. I was sure it was temporary. The results gave me hair as smooth and as shiny as glass. It was beyond my expectations. My hope was that it would give me some control. I expected it to be like other things I had tried. Past methods would straighten my hair like a crumpled piece of paper after you pull it back apart; I would lay flat but it would still be crinkled.

 My poetic friend Bonnie says, “It cascades down your back like an ebony river”. I can’t thank Hair’s Talent enough for this incredible accomplishment. Gina worked for seven and a half hours to make this transformation happen. They wanted me to keep my hair long and took that amount of time to make it really happen. Looking back on that day makes me laugh. They didn’t know what to think of my reaction. I only had a slight smile. I can only say I must have been in shock and disbelief. I remember saying to myself as I pulled away in my car, “please don’t wake up now”. The next time I was there, they knew I was thrilled. My friend Bonnie and I came to the salon, and I had tears of joy in my eyes. Now I am on my 17th Thermal and will continue to come see Gina for all my hair needs!

Maureen (Oxford, CT)