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30 Main St East Haven CT United States 06512 Second Floor

(203) 466-1246

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Spray protection for colored hair with Keratin & Argan Oil. Protective nourishing fluid for colored hair. It moisturizes and protects the hair while modeling. It strengthens the intensity of the color. This ensures long-lasting brilliance and shine.
Includes: keratin and silicone complex: complex on the basis of keratin and natural silicone quaternary, improves the structure of hair keratin zone, ensures long-lasting color.
Argan oil: provides strength and hydration, nourishes the hair fiber, gives shine, volume and flexibility. 
Directions: After using shampoo or other cosmetics-care, spray on wet hair and distribute evenly with a comb.

Lisap Absolute Keratin & Argon Oil 4.2 oz

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