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Current Client Review:

Gina is highly professional and it shows in her hair care process. Her shop is very clean and everyone is extremely nice and hospitable. I've recently gotten my 3rd Gina curl and I just love it because it is beautiful, versatile and gives me no problems even if it's hot and humid, raining or snowing. While renting a car the night before my hair appointment, I had to decide between a Cameron or Ford Mustang convertible. My brother commented, "Are you sure you will want to drive in a convertible with the top down just after getting your hair done?" I replied, "I can with a Gina curl!"

Pauline M. - Michigan


Current Client Review:

Hair’s talent/ Gina curls I call it miracle hands, my daughter and I had a great experience. They exceeded our expectations, I wish I discovered it years ago, but thank God we have now, we are going back every 6month. Now the salon is beautiful Gina and her ladies are very welcoming, I highly highly recommend this place. I will come back and write another review since I am still in shock how beautiful and gorgeous and soft curls my hair is right now I am short of words, so I will update or write another review when I calm down. Gina’s Gina-curls is wonderful. My daughter and I love our curls so much.

Connie D - Minnesota

Current Client Review:

I did the Gina Curl around 8 mths ago and I love it! Once the hair dries it looks and feels amazing! I was searching for an alternative to the curly perm and relaxer. I stopped doing wave nouveau about 7 years ago and went natural for 5 years. Then I wanted to loosen my natural, tight curl, so I started putting a "mild" relaxer in my hair every 6 months. However, that eventually ruined my texture and curl bond, so I cut/grew it out over a year and a half. With the Gina Curl, I went from a tight, 4a curl with 40% shrinkage to a big, 3b curl. It gave me length, movement, manageability and crazy shine. Unlike a typical curly perm, I didn't have any shedding or that stinky perm smell to deal with, and I could wash my hair 2 days later w/out worrying the curl would come out. I use half the amount of product (Deva Curl and Jane Carter) and my hair doesn't have to be greasy to look good. I'm going for my retouch at the end of the year, and I can't believe the amount of regrowth I have in only 8 months. Love it!

Current Client Review:

"I’m writing you guys to thank you for a wonderful visit. I have honestly NEVER been happier with my hair!! Beyond the fabulous hair results, the whole experience was great from start to finish and you made us feel very welcome. “

Current Client Review:

"You have forever enriched my life & the life of my family as well. In short, I decided to schedule my appointment for my very first GinaCurl on the weekend of my birthday!!!! Hands down there was no place I'd rather be. The GinaCurl product is STELLAR! In addition, there were other nuggets that I experienced that I had no idea. Yessssssss, I received my service from the actual Creator of the GinaCurl, Mrs. Gina Rivera and she was assisted by an amazing, knowledge, good-natured young lady named Chris. Let me tell you this first. When Gina walked into the road, I was so in awe of her. Before I had met her I had listened to hours upon hours of her videos. I wanted to fully become fluent in all things GinaCurl. I chose to make the BIG chop in order which for the hair to be in its natural state is recommended. I definitely studied for a long time. As I was saying when I had the pleasure to FINALLY meet this PHENOMENAL woman that I have admired her dedication to the development of what I can only call a God-send for persons of color hair. This is TRULY revolutionary!!! I am not overstating this at all. I get it. I was a bit concerned about all the high hopes that I had prior to coming to Hairstalent. I was thinking I had to reduce my expectations just in case, you know as we think the other shoe falls so to speak. However, I can say with all certainty, my GinaCurl, including my entire experience during my birthday weekend FAR surpassed my expectations!!! The outcome of my hair-YES! The sweet environment-YES! And, Gina & Chris both leave me speechless as I think of them. In fact, I'm not tech-savvy. (That's probably part of the reason that I had children to have people that had to help me. Lol!  Seriously though, Jeff &I had traveled 2 Connecticut from OH stayed in the area for 4 days, there was rental car expenses, hotel room cost, etc, etc and many many miles traveled. But, I'd do it all again in an instance. It was worth every dollar&more! Actually what the Hair's Talent has provided for me is PRICELESS!!! Pics & videos to come! Stay tuned! I also gained me a REMARKABLE 'GinaSister!"

Current Client Review:

I had my first Final Curl done on 8/23/19. I wanted to wait at least a month before reviewing so I could give more information. First of all, I want to say that Gina and her staff are wonderful! They were very welcoming and knowledgeable, and at no time during the entire process did I feel that I was not in good hands. This past month has been truly a change in lifestyle. No longer are my thoughts preoccupied with what to do with my hair! This first month, I have been trying to figure out what products work best, but even with that, it is still only a 5-minute process and I am out the door. I am still experimenting with different products to find my "final routine". There has been minimal shedding. I am confident that my hair will grow. Thank you, Gina for the wonderful experience. I am looking forward to seeing you in 5 months!

D.G. Atlanta

Current Client Review:

It was such a pleasure meeting you and your staff.  I immediately felt at home and knew that I was in amazing care.  I feel and look phenomenal, thanks so much for sharing your gift to beautify, inspire and uplift others.  



Current Client Review:

I walked into Gina’s salon today for my third Gina Curl!! It’s honestly amazing and I don’t regret the cost one bit - I always walk out feeling soooo much more confident than when I first walk in. Time spent on your hair is cut in half with the Gina Curl, it makes your day so much more manageable. Anyone who thinks differently should certainly do more research on Gina Curl!


Current Client Review:

So, it’s August 23, 2019, and my daughter and I just received our Gina Curl yesterday, and can’t be happier!!! I found Gina’s, Gina Curl a few months ago and began doing all the research I could because it seemed way to good to be true. I prayed on it and decided to walk by faith, and trust that it would be all Mrs. Gina said it would be. I had just finished styling my daughter's hair in single crochet locks the week before I decided this was gonna happen. Around August 1st, I took out a week old very fresh hairstyle that took me 2 days to finish and completed our consultation along with paying our deposits. I did not share anything about what I was planning to do because I know people that don’t believe or don’t have all the information or don’t understand will be negative and try to talk you out of what you want to do. I only showed the videos to my daughter and she got just as excited as I was. I told her to keep it to herself and I started planning. We took a 22 hour train ride from Atlanta and a few Uber’s, train and airplane back home, we are extremely tired but have no regrets. We are in love with our hair, to see the smile on my daughters face is priceless. As a mother you see nothing but the beauty in every part of your daughter and to see her actually see what you see is amazing. We both loved our natural curls but she has always been afraid she would never be able to comb her hair herself. This morning she actually styled her hair for the first time herself as Gina instructed. We can’t wait to see how much growth we will have in 6 months!!!

Jenny (Georgia)

Current Client Review:

I did the Gina Curl around 8 months ago and I love it! This video doesn't do it justice, the results look much better in person. Once the hair dries it looks and feels amazing!
 I was searching for an alternative to the curly perm and relaxer. I stopped doing wave nouveau about 7 years ago and went natural for 5 years. Then I wanted to loosen my natural, tight curl, so I started putting a "mild" relaxer in my hair every 6 months. However, that eventually ruined my texture and curl bond, so I cut/grew it out over a year and a half.
 With the Gina Curl, I went from a tight, 4a curl with 40% shrinkage to a big, 3b curl. It gave me length, movement, manageability and crazy shine. Unlike a typical curly perm, I didn't have any shedding or that stinky perm smell to deal with, and I could wash my hair 2 days later w/out worrying the curl would come out. I use half the amount of product (Deva Curl and Jane Carter) and my hair doesn't have to be greasy to look good. I'm going for my retouch at the end of the year, and I can't believe the amount of regrowth I have in only 8 months. Love it!

Ana G.

Current Client Review:
It’s been a little over 2 weeks since I got my Gina Curl and I am still in LOVE! I wanted to tell you all the things I noticed.
1.      My hair is SO soft 
2.      Detangling is ridiculously easy
3.      Hair sheds normally but it seems to shed so much less since I got my Gina Curl. I know I am losing much less hair than my old wash days. 
4.      No more whole days dedicated to doing my hair 
5.      I look forward to wash days now. 
6.      I use so much less product
7.      I can scrunch it a lot for a lot of volume or a little for more of a wavy look. 
8.      My husband loves it! He fully supported my natural hair journey before but he loves how soft it is.  I actually let him touch it now with no fear of him messing it up. After all the work I was putting in before; him playing in my hair was a no go. He loves that I hardly wear ponytails anymore. I was for forever stuck in some sort of ponytail when my hair didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. And for ease when I just didn’t want to deal with my hair; as a result my hair on my edges was not growing as fast as the rest of my hair. 
9.      No more twists for bed at night. Yay! 
10.     Unexpectedly, I spend so much less time on my hair daily and I have so much more free time. Now granted you can put as much or as little time into your hair as you would like. I was doing way more than I wanted for inconsistent results.  
11.     My hair looks good EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 
12.     I didn’t realize I habitually watched YouTube videos looking for the best way to achieve the results I wanted. The best product combos for the best results. Now, I watch them because I just like watching them not because I have a hair issue I want to resolve.  
13.     Gina is so respectful and knowledgeable. Her team was so welcoming. And that’s from someone who takes a while to warm up to people. 
This has been so freeing/lifestyle change for me. You have no idea.  Before I got my Gina Curl I thought that new clients that had just gotten theirs were carrying on a bit too much in these videos (LOL). It can’t be all that. I am so glad I got over that skepticism and what I perceived to be a negative that people were saying (it’s just a Jheri curl and are we doing that again?). Now having my Gina Curl and I don’t care what you call it. I LOVE IT!  We drove almost 11 hrs to get it and it was worth every penny. I only wish that I had done it sooner. I would do it all over again and recommend it to anyone.  

Thank you, Gina!

Anda B

 Current Client Review:

Review Title : Life-Changing

Review: Wow! I sure wish I had brought my daughter in sooner! It's the first thing I want to make clear. Don't prolong your happiness, sanity, and hair journey! I've always taken care of my daughter's extremely curly and porous hair, right until she became 18 years old. I've tried to follow a natural hair care journey, using sulfrate free shampoos, protein-free products, and tried to teach her how to help her hair flourish. It had grown to

right passed bra length. We had to use tons of products and no matter how much care we put into her tresses, it just seemed to freeze by age 15. In addition, she was older and now wanted to straighten out her hair. This was the beginning to the end. She had a lot of heat damage, and we all know, there's no coming back from that. In my quest to helping my daughter with her hair, I've always done research. This is actually how I found Gina, the goddess with a talent for hair! I knew in my heart, just by listening to and understanding Gina's detailed explanation to this process, that this was our answer! As soon as we walked in, we felt comfortable in Hair's Talent's ambiance. Everyone was welcoming, and you get to witness the care taken towards their clients. Two girls were being worked on and we got an insight to the process, firsthand. Everything is explained and such care is taken in every detail. We experienced a level of excitement in anticipation of what's to come!

Gina and the team are sure to make you feel comfortable through this journey. The process began and it took about 8 hours. We will not be looking back! We are extremely pleased with her results. Words could never be enough to explain the complete change in her hair. After our Gina Curl experience, my daughter's hair had never looked so healthy, strong and shiny. We're truly baffled and speechless with her work. Her tresses went from frizzy, brittle, dry and unmanageable, to soft beach curls. She can now truly enjoy a wash and go, to keep her hair growing, and as healthy as possible. Her hair came to life and looks moisturized, bouncy, and rejuvenated. This is a complete first. Life will be different and though it may sound like an exaggeration, this is factual. We are definitely Gina Curl clients for many years to come and we look forward to our next experience. Thank you so much Gina for saving my daughter's hair and giving it the opportunity to grow, thrive, and flourish. See you soon!

Lourdes. S NJ

Current Client Review:

Loving curls even more now that they are dry! Thinking I may start rocking big hair lol. 

Thanks so much!!! You guys are awesome!!!


Current Client Review: LIFE CHANGING!!!

I just received my GINACURL a day ago and I am in love with my hair!!! It looks sooooo good. "I woke up like this" GOOD lol. This is life-changing for me to be able to get up and go. I can't wait to take a shower

everyday now and all because of my hair. It feels softer but somehow stronger. I can already tell I have less shedding (prone to a lot due to having so much hair). I made the trip all the way from Georgia and I was not disappointed. Gina and the girls were so sweet and inviting. The shop has a great atmosphere. Important

note for those questioning rod size. Two girls can use the same rod and have totally different looking curls! It really does depend upon your hair texture/health. That's what also makes it so cool because the Ginacurl is truly personalized for YOUR HAIR. No Same Jane over here!! lol. I know some say the curls look similar wet

but when your hair dries it takes on its own shape. The most important thing is to know how tight/loose you want your hair to look:) I honestly see why girls can't stop touching/looking at their hair in videos. It happened to me!!! lol. So thankful for this technique. I was looking for something like it years ago (been natural 6 years-no flat irons only blow dryers) and just stumbled across it recently. Thank GOD!

Michelle H. (New Jersey)

Current Client Review: I am getting ready to go back for my 3rd treatment of the Gina Curl. When I first

went to Gina I did the "Big Chop" and it was so worth it. I LOVE my curls. They are manageable, easy to maintain and style. Gina is amazing. My first conversation with her during my consultation was as if we knew each other for a long time. She took the time to explain her process and gather information about the chemical history/processing of my hair. Looking forward to my next visit. Thank you, Gina :)

Nadeen - Mansfield, Massachusetts


Current Client Review: I just want to say that you are truly a blessing, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my hair! 

It gets better every day!  Please know that I appreciate your dedication to healthy hair, and I am looking forward to November!  If I was photogenic, I would show my before and after to the world! 

Thank you for doing what NO ONE ELSE has-- this skill which you have mastered! 

 It feels good to able to wear my OWN hair after spending thousands of dollars on weaves, wigs and alternative styles that I was not happy with. 

Having hair and being able to feel good about it has been made possible by you!  THANK YOU GINA!!!!

Your Customer for Life! Theodora  Fayetteville, North Carolina

Current Client Review:  I recently received my first Gina Curl and so far I cannot stop touching, combing and swishing my hair! It used to take me 20 minutes to comb out my natural hair. Now it takes not even 2 minutes. The manageability is unbelievable. And hardly any shedding. The softness is also crazy. It brought tears to

my eyes when I walked outside and the wind was actually able to move my hair and glide across my scalp. It was a low key Beyoncé moment. For stylers, the Gina Curl does extremely well with Camille Rose Curl Maker, Deva Curl super cream, Deva Curl defining gels and so much more! It’s also important to note that a little product goes a long way. A can not emphasize that enough. This will definitely save you money in the long run. Plus, wash days are still once a week but instead of an hour, I’m finished in 13 min. With the Gina Curl,

I am more confident that my wash and go’s will actually last a full week. All I need to do is mist my hair,

scrunch, apply a styler then walk out the door. This was by far the best investment I’ve done so far in my life and I cannot wait to go back for my retouch :)

Xylia A. - Maryland



Current Client Review: Hi Gina, This is Sharon from California. I am very happy with my new look. I used to have trouble with hair breakage, but not anymore. I visited your salon around April 11th. By the time I'm

ready to see you again, I'm hoping you'll be closer to California. At any rate, I will be seeing you again

whether on the road or at your salon. When people compliment me on my hair, I tell them about you. Gina, what I like about you is that you respect African American textured hair. You have done your homework and it shows. I am so grateful to not have to struggle with detangling my hair. I wish you continued success.

May your business flourish! Bless you and your family.

Sharon - Gardena, California

Current Client Review: The difference looks dramatic because it is! No staging required. My before was a real mess--I wouldn't even embarrass myself by putting mine before on the Internet. After: My jaw was on

the floor when Gina took those rollers out of my hair. My hair has NEVER looked or felt that good. This

woman is a "hair scientist" and I think this is what allows her to consistently deliver these incredible results.


really understands hair on a level that I have not witnessed in any cosmetologist I've ever been to--and I've been to many.

Antonia - New York, NY


Current Client Review:  Hi Gina as well as prospective clients! I just want to say I am very grateful to Gina

and the work she does. I wanted to wait a month to do a review as a lot can happen over the course of the month. I have no complaints. Going natural with the help of Gina Rivera's "healthy chemical" was the best decision I could've made. Though, by choice, I did not have Ms. Gina trim off as much hair as suggested, I have not experienced any breakage whatsoever. Trust me, I Watched closely and would look at individual strands. Any hair that comes off the comb while washing are extremely long, thick, healthy strands and I do

not experience shedding slash hair loss. One wash I did experience some hair loss (maybe 100 strands,

which is the average amount of hair people lose per day). It was not because of the Gina curl but because of my own lack of care and the high amount of stress that came with all of my major projects and exams being due. The hair loss still was nothing compared to how much hair I used to lose when I was fully natural. The cause of this setback was that I didn't stay hydrated at all and my diet was poor. At first I was panicking and wanted to call Ms. Gina, but I referred to my aftercare guide as well as Youtube videos and remembered that having natural hair is way more work than the weaves and braids I had before. In many of Ms. Gina's videos, she has stated that the Gina curl is a lifestyle change. I could not agree more. It has provided me with a

greater responsibility over my body and encouraged me to take this as a more wholesome experience. After my mini setback, I decided to make somebody lifestyle changes. I began to take it as seriously as my college academics. I started to cut down on juice, drink more water, I have been hitting the gym consistently 4-5 x a week, to relieve stress and take care of my body on the inside so it can show on the outside. I only shower

with lukewarm water, as Gina suggested originally. I noticed positive changes. Now onto my hair now! It's been one month, I have good hair growth and it feels really nice. It blends in well. I massage my scalp all of

the time because I just love feeling my new growth. My hair is very soft and very manageable. It does not

take a lot of product to define my hair or moisturize it. In the first two weeks I was using way too much product which I think also led to product build-up on wash day affecting my hair. Now I use oil only twice a week (shea butter and olive oil) and I put Jamaican black castor oil to treat damaged edges DUE TO WEAVE! The Gina curl has actually helped me hair to take product really well and my edges are growing in very nicely, even the nape of my neck has new growth. Isn't that crazy? Who has heard of a perm that growsssss edges, rather than makes them eat out. Not me, until Ms. Gina told me during the process that they would grow. Transitioning to natural hair was very easy for me considering how long I wanted to go natural. I had curly weave before so all of my peers assumed I got a haircut. It only takes me about 30 minutes to wash my hair in the shower. Styling takes about 5 minutes. I can never thank Gina enough, I will definitely continue to be her client and look forward to seeing my growth 6 months from now during my second Gina curl. Thank you so much, Ms. Gina. My mom continually says "I can't believe it was someone who wasn't black who unlocked the key to your hair." P.S. My mom did indeed invite people over to see my hair.

Shelby (Bloomfield, CT)


Current Client Review: Hair's Talent is an amazing place with some very talented hairstylists! I just went to their place in East Haven to get my hair done and I LOVE what they did. Not only that but it's a very comfortable environment. They make you feel right at home from the moment you walk in. I left feeling pampering and loving my hair. I will most definitely be back. Love you guys!!!

Sonya  - Hartford, CT


Perspective Client: I absolutely love your videos. Especially the way you show the hair and retouch journey

of one particular person over the years. It's cool to see not just someone's first Gina Curl treatment, but how the hair quality and growth developed over months/years. Your passion for styling and giving your clients their desired results shines through in every one of your videos. I have watched your videos over and over again, what you are doing is fabulous. I wish you could come to England and train some hairdressers to do what

you have succeeded in doing.I live in the Northeast of England, a place called Darlington, i would travel in order to get my hair done by your qualified students. I'm praying for the day when it won't only be a dream but a reality. God bless you Gina

Jess - England


Current Client Review: Before I found Hair's Talent and Gina, I had very bad experience with my curly, thick, dry and frizzy hair. I went to Beaucage Salon on Newbury St in Boston for Japanese Hair Straightening. I paid around $700 and it did not work at all, even though I had not colored natural hair, and I never got my money back, all I got was damaged hair. After that problem, I was looking for experienced professional. I was not

sure if anybody can help me because my hair was already damaged after my bad experience. I found a

couple of videos on youtube about Japanese straightening with people who know what they are doing. One of them was Gina. I liked that she knows a lot about my texture, straightening, and how she answers all of the questions people ask in comments. It was obvious that she knows what she is talking about and I scheduled

a consultation appointment even though it is 1.5 hours driving. I found that she is very knowledgeable about what she is doing and she has many years of experience in Japanese hair straightening. And FINALLY!!!! I GOT MY PERFECT STRAIGHT HAIR!!!!! Now it is 9 months already, and I am going to schedule my Retouch because I really like what I have!!! Thanks Gina! You made me happy about my hair!!

Angie - Boston MA


Current Client Review: Gina I cannot thank you enough for doing a great job with my hair- it is beautiful,

silky, bouncy & healthy!!! I get so many compliments on it, especially from men : ) I really wish I had booked

an appointment sooner- I could have avoided a lot of bad hair days! You see, over the years I have tried so

many different things but was always disappointed with the results- relaxers left my hair dry & brittle; long natural hair was very time-intensive (not to mention the damage caused by my curling iron addiction) and

the Japanese Thermal (with a different stylist) left my hair too straight, flat & blah. But the Gina Curl was just perfect! It left my hair with soft waves & a lot of body and I love how easy it is to care for. After I wash and condition it, I add a little mousse & coconut oil, let it dry, finger comb the waves out and that's it! No need

for a curling iron or flat iron. And I no longer fear the rain. When I was at the salon, I got a chance to interact with some of Gina's other clients, who all had long, beautiful hair and had been going to Gina for many

years. I can see why they are so enthusiastic about Gina's talents and won't let any other stylists touch their hair. If you suffer from the same issues I did- you just can't find a good stylist and are having too many bad

hair days, then you must see Gina. Your hair will thank you.

Anna (Florence, SC)


Current Client Review: “Gina!!!!! All I can say is AMAZING! I washed and styled my hair last night and I

can't believe how curl my hair is! After spending a lifetime trying to fight my hair and spending hours and

tons of money on my natural hair, I was able to just wake up spray with water, scrunch and go, only using my fingers. Also, I was outside last night and it had to be near 90% humidity. My hair didn't shrink and the curls looked great! I have received so many compliments on my hair, especially from girls who are natural. When I tell them it’s a perm they can’t believe how natural it looks. They are saying how shiny silky and healthy my

hair looks. Thank you Gina. My whole world has changed. Ten minutes to do my hair and I am out the door!”

Bernadette (Washington, DC)


Current Client Review: I had the Gina curl done one month ago. It was done by Gina. I wanted to wait to see whether I really liked it or not. I am thrilled with my hair! Easy to manage, no frizz and nice to look at; what more could anyone want? Gina was extremely professional and I am very pleased with the results. She was also fair, I arrived with shorter hair than I had when she gave me an estimate. Without me asking, she charged a lower price. I will definitely return.

Marienne (Chicago IL) 


Current Client Review: Hello Gina, Just checking in: I LOVE MY HAIR!! Thank you  so much for The Gina Curl.  It’s amazing!I can actually air dry my hair and be presentable. It’s just what I was looking for. I can detangle in less than a minute and very little shedding; it's incredible! I'm never going back to relaxers or natural again! The Gina Curl has changed my life!!Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope you had happy and safe holidays!

Rosa (Albany, NY)


Current Client Review: Hello Gina! Its Natasha from Texas, I came and got a Gina Curl about a month ago. And Gina, you have without a doubt changed my entire perspective of myself. I feel beautiful, I feel radiant, I feel like a new women! All because of my curls! I swear, this had to be the best decision I've made for my hair. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. Ive told 3 of my girlfriends about it, because I know you mentioned if I get enough clients, you’ll come to me!  I might be able to do that without a problem! You were exactly how you are in your videos on youtube! I felt so comfortable sharing with you my hair drama and  never once did I feel uncomfortable as I have felt in other salons.You are such a talent, free spirited, intelligent women with so much passion for hair! Not one black/dominican stylist that I’ve even gone to in the past have the passion for hair as you have! I went from tight, tight dry hair with so much shrinkage to soft, define , loose curls that actually give me length! I pray The Gina Curl sky rockets and you get all the business you deserve from this product because IT WORKS! THANKS GINA! 

Natasha (Dallas, TX)


Perspective Client: Hi Gina, I've been stalking ur videos for over two years now and I’m ready to book my Gina Curl! I have to be honest with you , I have been waiting for a bad review and I haven’t found one!!

Beyond concerns about breakage, I am interested in my hair looking as natural as possible. I have thick, all natural, tightly coiled hair, so I would like for it still be a bit voluminous, without the loose shiny waves - most similar to your client Leslie's hair. Looking forward to meeting you , Gina. You are a God Sent!!

Jee (Providence, RI)


Current Client Review: Hey Gina! It’s Cecelia from New York, I came in last month to get a Gina curl. Just wanted to say, I am SO HAPPY with the results. I wanted to give it some time to play with it, see if I experienced shedding breakage etc, I literally have nothing but good things to say about it. The curl is perfect! I haven't taken any "professional" pics yet but I will be soon and I'm ready to leave you some reviews if you direct me to where that would be helpful? Thanks again and I'll definitely be seeing you again for my touch-up, You and The Gina Curl changed my life. I want to tell everyone, but then I won’t be able to get an appointment with you !! 

Cecelia (New York, NY)


Perspective Client: Hi Miss Gina I saw your videos on You Tube and I am obsessed with you and all your amazing information. You have so much passion for our hair. It makes me so happy to watch you! I think you are great and thank you for all the great tips on You tube. I am very interested the Gina Curl. Is it possible you can give me some more information on what product you use in order that so I  can pass it on to my stylist. I showed her you channel and now she is obsessed. lol and wants to learn! I would prefer you to do it but as I am in the UK that might be impossible. 

Samara (United Kingdom)


Perspective Client: Hey Gina, I've been watching your YouTube videos forever and love how you love what you do! You do great work! Are there any stylist in Chicago you can refer for the Gina Curl? I have looking years for a curl that won’t cause breakage! I just love the results you get with TheGina Curl

I currently have a relaxer and will be growing it out so I can begin my healthy hair journey. 

Annette (Chicago IL)


Perspective Client: I am trying to locate a salon that offers the GINA CURL TECHNIQUE in the Louisville, KY area.  Can you help  me? I have been looking for something like this for years. I am so tired of the work involved with my natural hair. Thank you Gina for coming up with such a fabulous technique!!

Theresa (Louisville, KY)


Perspective Client: I watched your YouTube tutorials. You are such an amazing stylist. Are you able to recommend a stylist in the Wisconsin area for Gina Curl. I am black with natural coarse hair. I would greatly appreciate it. I need this!!

Thank you

Chandra (Madison, WI)


Perspective Clients: I've been researching curly perms when I came across your technique and must say I'm

in love! Kudos to you for coming up with this process. I understand you are in CT, but I live in Jamaica. Is there anyway I can purchase these products from you? or email me the instructions on how to achieve this at home? I would gladly pay you for your assistance as I need to get this done like yesterday ( smile).

God bless you and thanks in advance for your assistance.

Meleesha (Jamaica)


Perspective Client: Good afternoon. My name is Lakeisha. I live in Overland Park, Kansas. I am interested in learning the Japanese straightening technique. We have been conversing shortly on Youtube. I'm not sure where your located but i haven't been able to find any creditable information on this technique other then your channel. I am very interested in expanding my talent and offering alternatives for my clients.

Lakeisha (Overland Park, KS)


Perspective Client: I am really interested in your curly perm technique - but I am in the UK. Have you trained any stylists here? Or maybe in New York.

Donna (United Kingdom)


Perspective Client: I live in Jamaica, and I would love to try the Japanese blowout in my daughters hair, if  I can get the products in Jamaica to buy. So if could email me on the steps of how to do it a long with products to use thanks love to hear from you.

Yvonne (Jamaica)


Perspective Stylist: Hi, I am a stylist in San Diego California and I am very  interested in offering The GinaCurl as a service to my clients. Do you currently offer classes for this service? What is the cost and outline of the class? And last are you willing to do so via Skype? I can be reached by the email above. Thank you for your time.

T'nia (San Diego, CA)


Perspective Client: Hi Gina, I have been looking at your Gina Curl videos and would love to get this service .

I have a natural 3c/4A hair texture. Unfortunately, I live in Dallas and can't come to your salon. Are there any stylist in the Dallas area that you would recommend/ or do you foresee a trip to Dallas in the future? Thank

You Bria (Dallas, TX)


Perspective Client: Ms. Gina Are there salons in Metro Detroit that offer the gina curl?  For many years I have been inconvenience with constant hot flashes after having a hysterectomy . Now, I wear wigs but I would love to style my own hair.  Having hot flashes keeps my hair in a constant state of wet.  I thought the gina curl

would give me the opportunity to style my own hair.

Beverly (Detroit MI)


Perspective Client: Would you please tell me if there are any stylists in Louisville, KY that use "The New Gina Curl", because I would really like to try this on my hair, I believe it would be perfect for me.

Marianne (Louisville, KY)


Perspective Client: I fall in love the way you really care for the hair not only being a stylish but actually care. I now have relaxed hair and want to grow out and seeing the Gina curl it's exactly what I'm looking for but unfortunately I leave in Virginia by any chance you don't know any place around the Dc metropolitan area that would be able to care for my hair like you do..... Thank you so very much for your time. Best regards Renata.

Renata (Virginia Beach, VA)


Perspective Stylist: Hello, I am a stylist located in  Woodstock, Ga.  I am very interested in your training and specifically impressed with your Gina Curl technique.  In the near future are you planning to do any trainings for the Atlanta area? Best, Kimberly

Kimberly (Woodstock, GA)


Perspective Client: Hello again Gina, My name is Annette and I live in hot and humid Miami.  I am suffering from a skin disease called Lichen Planus that has been thinning my hair.  I stopped all chemical relaxers in March of 2013. I did my big chop November 1, 2013.  My hair has some curl to it.  My mom is from Honduras and my dad was from Jamaica.  Because of my mixed textured hair, I would relax all the time to keep it as one texture. 

Anyhow, after viewing you and your techniques on YouTube, I don't want anyone but you to touch my hair.  Finding someone who understands my hair type is very difficult. African American salons tend to put grease

on my hair which makes it go limp.  Dominican salons seem to understand my hair type, but they over process.  I got Keratin protein treatment with a relaxer.  Hair got really thin.  The owner said, I thought the purpose of the protein treatment was not to relax.  Wow, I knew my poor hair was in trouble again. Thanks for all that you do for ethnic hair.  If you can't come to Florida I will have to figure out a way to get to you.  Connecticut is a long way from Miami, but worth it to get your expertise. Maybe I can make an appointment for daughter and myself around the first week of August. Take care and looking forward to meeting you.

Annette (Miam, FL)


Perspective Client: Dear Gina, I know you are probably too busy and get hundreds of emails everyday but I hope you get a chance to read my email. I also apologize in advance for my somewhat long email but I really am DESPERATE. My name is Maysa. I live in Qatar but I am originally from Sudan. I have come to know you through your videos and your youtube channel and I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you do to take care of African American hair. I say that because I was brought up in a place where it is very difficult to find a single hair stylist who knows how to deal with our hair type. I seriously thought of flying all the way to US just to meet you and maybe have a chance of saving my damaged relaxed hair; damaged because of lack of hair products tailored to our hair here in Qatar and more importantly because of lack of experience since most of hair stylists here only know how to deal with straight hair.

I was about to book my ticket to come to your salon, but I then realized the painful truth that taking care of my damaged hair would take more than just a single visit and that I would need follow ups and maintenance which would be very difficult to me to do as frequently as might be needed because of my work.

I don't know what to do with my hair, it has been relaxed for almost two years now but it is so damaged, very thinned out and extremely brittle. It breaks so badly that I am even afraid of combing it.

I keep relaxing my hair because I cannot handle kinky hair texture and I don't know what to do anymore. I thought maybe you would know a stylist in my area like in Qatar or in Dubai-UAE  who I can go to in order to try to save whatever hair strands left on my head.

Please help me save my hair in anyway you can. I hope I would hear from you soon. Thank you.

 Maysa (Qatar)


Current Client Review: Dear Gina, It has been one week since I left your shop.  I have to tell you that I am absolutely amazed at my hair.  It is silky and shiny and, dare I say, just unbelievably cute!

As I mentioned, I took my sisterlocks out -- 450 locs! -- six weeks ago.  I tried going natural but with the thickness of my hair and the amount of time I was spending on it, it did not offer me the carefree hair lifestyle that I had with my locs.  I certainly didn't want to go back to a "it's burning-take it out" relaxer that would end up breaking off my hair.  So I felt my choices were limited and I would probably have to put my locs back in.  Then I discovered you and the Gina Curl.

I was hesitant and thought, "No, this is too good to be true" but after doing research on your shop's reputation and the reviews of those who had it and seeing nothing but positive results, I decided to give it a chance.  Gosh, I am so, so happy I did.

I now have hair that looks good, low maintenance and is healthy.  I am amazed.  I can spend as little or as much time on my hair but it looks good no matter what I do.  If it is simply wash,product and go. I’ve got so many options.   Honestly, I could go on and on how much I love it and the compliments I've gotten from friends and family. 

So, thanks again, Gina.  I totally get why your shop is called "HairsTalent."  I agree!

Talk to you soon,

Sandy (Hyattsville, MD)


Perspective Client: I fall in love the way you really care for the hair not only being a stylish but actually care. I now have relaxed hair and want to grow out and seeing the Gina curl it's exactly what I'm looking for but unfortunately I live in Virginia by any chance you don't know any place around the DC metropolitan area that would be able to care for my hair like you do.....

Thank you so very much for your time.

Best regards

Renata (Virginia Beach, VA)


Perspective Client: Hi Gina, My name is Beatrice from South Africa . My hair is really damaged because of various chemical, weaves and braids. I want you to be my stylist!! Is there any way I convince yo to travel to South Africa! I have a place for you to stay. I will forward my pictures s soon as I take out my braids. Please let me know if I am a good candidate for your gina curl. If not please tell me how I can prepare my hair for your service. If I am ready, believe me you have a place to stay in home.

Kind Regards 

Beatrice  (South Africa)


Perspective Client: My name is Ebone, and I've come across your Gina Curl videos on YouTube. They are so informative! SO happy that I found that there is an alternative to my natural hair! I'm 31, African American,

and I've been natural my whole life, but I've been wearing my hair straight only, and I don't like how my ends are getting dried up, and I'm seeing breakage, etc. 

After watching a lot of videos and looking at the outcome of other black girls who have had the Gina Curl done, I think I'd like to be a client of yours if at all possible. The only problem is I live in Chicago (and sometimes LA because of family). 

So I guess my questions are, how often do you travel to other states, and is it possible to book you when you're out of state? If I were to come to CT, how far in advance would I need to try to book you?

Sorry for such a long email... maybe too much rambling. But you know how it is for girls and their hair! haha

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Ebone (Chicago,IL)


Perspective Client: Hello my name is Malaz and I live in western Australia I watched your video on the permanent hair treatment and you did such a great job and I was wondering if you were using liscio?? I was wondering are you ever coming to Australia because liscio doesn't do business in Australia which means I

can't do the treatment and I have African textured hair and it's so hard to deal with and I don't want to damage it but using relax or anything but I trust this company because I've heard a lot of good reviews about the treatment and about your salon please help me!

Thank you xx

Malaz (Western Australia)


Perspective Client: Hi Gina i have been watching your videos on you-tube, what you have managed to do

for African hair is amazing.When are you coming to England? I have been praying for someone to come up with a product that would help people like me to manage our 4c hair. You may well be the answer! I have not met anyone so far, who has or could do what you have done for difficult kinky hair. Can the product be purchased in the uk. I have been natural for over Six years, sometimes i'm tempted to go for a treatment of some sort, but after watching you use your product and skill, i owe it to my hair to wait. God bless you .

Gem (London, England)


Perspective Client: Hi I was looking at your videos on YouTube. I live in Jacksonville, florida (travel to Chattanooga, TN often) and was wondering if there was a way I could become a client. I also have many questions as to the price. I haven't had a perm in like 5 months and would love to have the curls that you

bring in the Gina curl.

Brittany (Jacksonville, FL)


Current Client Review: Gina, This is Rochell; I came to Hair's Talent about 3 weeks ago to get the Gina Curl for the first time! I have to say how happy I am for making this decision to come see you! My parents and I all believe that traveling from California was well worth it!! 

I didn't expect my hair to feel so soft after the perm considering all the cretics I read about how damaging perms can be. But after watching your videos on youtube and seeing your clients results I made my decision

to make an appointment and see for myself, and I am so glad I did. It left me with such soft, bouncy, curly, curly hair. Everybody loves it!!!

I never want to go back to being natural-- of course it was beautiful but the time it took to  maintain, was ridiculous.

So happy I found you when I did because the Gina Curl is without a doubt the best thing I could have done

for my hair!

Thank you again and thank you for your kind, friendly welcome. You truly make your clients feel at home. Hopefully you can come here to do my retouch. 

Rochell (Los Angeles, CA)


Current Client Review: I have been coming to see Gina for the past 13+ years. Before seeing her I had only went into 1 other hair salon as a teenager. The stylist said they could help me out and give me what I want

and instead of making this happen, he simply cut off all of my hair. After this horrible experience I completely stayed away from salons all together. In 2002 I began to do some research online and found Gina. After 6 months of following her and doing some deeper investigation I finally decided to make an appointment to discuss my hair needs. Upon my arrival I instantly felt welcome and Gina was able to really hear my concerns. That day she gave me a blow dry and I was stunned at the amazing results and how straight she got my hair. She told me if I loved this, then I would love The Thermal Reconditioning, which would allow my hair to stay straight and only require touch-ups every 6 months. Now 13 years later and 26 Thermals later I am still coming back and always leave loving the results and experience Gina offers in her Salon. And I will continue to travel from Florida to see Gina and I love my 

Bill (Melbourne, FL)


Current Client Review: Who would think that long, thick curly hair could be burden? People were always surprised that I kept my hair braided. Weekly I would hear...“If I had hair like that, I would let it fly free,” or “If you are going to keep it braided, why don’t you just cut it?”

I was trapped with it long, and I was trapped with it braided. Unbraided would let it billow twice my width. I would literally get snagged on door knobs and stair railings. I would brush things off of table tops as I walked by. It would encroach into my peripheral vision and make me claustrophobic. I could not drive with it out of

the braid.

Combing it out was an hour long event each day. Even braided, it would snarl. Combing had to be methodic or it would billow out of control.

I couldn’t think of cutting it. The weight from the length kept it flowing in a downward direction. The braid

was the way to tame it. When my hair was shoulder length or shorter, I had to use an ace bandage each night wrapped around my head to keep it from becoming a 1960s mega afro. Shorter hair would give me a granny perm look.

I never complained out loud to people. There are so many people with greater burdens. But I have to say

that the Thermal Restructuring has changed my life. For two weeks I was in disbelief. I kept thinking it wasn’t possible. I was sure it was temporary. The results gave me hair as smooth and as shiny as glass. It was beyond my expectations. My hope was that it would give me some control. I expected it to be like other things I had tried. Past methods would straighten my hair like a crumpled piece of paper after you pull it back apart; I would lay flat but it would still be crinkled.

 My poetic friend Bonnie says, “It cascades down your back like an ebony river”. I can’t thank Bonnie enough for telling me about Hair’s Talent. She was my roommate for several years and she knew what my hair was like to manage. I can’t thank Hair’s Talent enough for this incredible accomplishment. Gina worked for seven and

a half hours to make this transformation happen. They wanted me to keep my hair long and took that amount of time to make it really happen. Looking back on that day makes me laugh. They didn’t know what to think

of my reaction. I only had a slight smile. I can only say I must have been in shock and disbelief. I remember saying to myself as I pulled away in my car, “please don’t wake up now”. The next time I was there, they knew

I was thrilled. My friend Bonnie and I came to the salon, and I had tears of joy in my eyes. Now I am on my

17th Thermal and will continue to come see Gina for all my hair needs!

Maureen (Oxford, CT)

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