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Mom & Daughter Travel Over 1000 Miles To See Gina

February 18, 2017


Software engineer Taylor stops at nothing to achieve her goals. One long-time goal: styling her curly hair in minutes — not hours.
Mother and Daughter traveled from their Georgia home to Branford, Conn., for a Japanese Straightening-Thermal Reconditioning by Gina Rivera, owner of Hair’s Talent.
Taylor sits patiently as Owner Gina Rivera treats her hair with a process called Japanese-Straightening-Thermal Reconditioning. After seeing her daughter?s finished thermal, as it’s commonly known. “My daughter’s hair is just gorgeous,” she said. “I’m so excited, I’m ecstatic.” Her daughter flashed a ready-smile nearby.

Dealing with her finely textured and curly African-American hair took hours a day. Taylor had reached the limits of her frustration. She said, “Sometimes to wear it straight, I’d spend an hour or so just flat-ironing it, never mind the shampooing and conditioning. And it’s just been exhausting!”

Even after hours spent straightening, Taylor’s hair didn’t always hold the style. “To do all that work, then the weather changes on you and you’ve got humidity and frizz. You’ve got to flat-iron it again if you want to keep that straight look. And that’s just damaging to your hair, all that flat-ironing.”

Believing there had to be a way to save time on her hair, Taylor got online and started searching. “I came upon this Japanese Straightening-Thermal Reconditioning and then came upon the Hair’s Talent web site with before and after pictures. “And then lo and behold, there’s a video of Gina actually doing the procedure. It was really awesome to see because you realize Gina is really passionate about her work, and she takes it personally. That’s what made me choose her for this treatment. So I gave her a call, we talked several times. Gina returned all my calls, we emailed back and forth,” and she said,” Send me some pictures of your hair.” So I did, and we talked about the products I used on my hair and on my daughter’s hair, we talked about textures.

Besides Gina Rivera’s enormous following in the Tri-state area, women from all over have visited Gina for the superior results she consistently delivers. Whether visiting from the Caribbean Islands, Greece or all over the United States, Gina?s clients always return home 100 percent satisfied with their results.

Check out Gina Rivera’s top-rated YouTube videos — just search for Hair’s Talent on You Tube. And don’t miss the fanfare about Hair’s Talent on Facebook or www.hairstalent.com .

“I just got tired of my hair controlling my life.”

“The Thermal Recondition will reduce the time and effort that I had to put into it, so I don’t have to worry about what the weather’s going to be. “

“It’ll be easier getting ready for the day without having to blow-dry and flat-iron every single morning!”

~ Taylor

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