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ALWAYS Keep a Record of Your Hair

March 11, 2017

As a hair stylist who is concerned about healthy hair care for all hair textures, I appreciate it whenever a client provides me with a five-year chemical history of their hair. Prior to putting any chemical in a new client’s hair, it is critical for me to evaluate which chemical(s) have already been put on the hair.


Generally, if the client’s hair is long, I am required to consider the client’s past five-year “hair history”. If I apply color to my new client without knowing what chemicals have been on the hair, the color could possibly cause damage. I take into consideration each level of chemical in the hair and choose the best strategy in order to obtain excellent results. It is possible that I will have to apply different color formulas and different levels of developers in certain cases. In such situations, hair must be protected (e.g., by putting peroxide color on roots and semi on ends).


Let me break it down even further about why we have to go down the hair shaft:


1. 3 inches of completely new growth---virgin

2. 2 inches down---relaxer

3. 2 more inches lower --relaxer,color,& highlights

each length has a different porosity level.


Medication and surgical treatments also play major roles in your hair. As a result, you should be sure to keep a record on your medical information as well. For example, I once had a client that was very adamant about not having chemical in her hair whatsoever. Her hair was healthy, from her roots down to four inches, but the rest was shot: it was so damaged! I felt so bad, because I practically exclaimed exactly what I was thinking: “You are not revealing the truth.”  However, before doing so, I quickly thought about it and asked her if she was under anesthesia two-three years ago. The woman then explained that she had a brain tumor and under anesthesia for five hours! As a result, when I gave her a thermal reconditioning that day, I knew that I needed to treat her hair ends as if there were bleached or relaxed.


So, please keep in mind that any previous chemical in hair, surgery and/or medication (prescribed as well as recreational drugs) play important roles with your hair care. So always remember to keep track of these items in order to provide your stylist with the necessary information needed to properly take care of your hair.

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