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The GINACURL After Care

April 4, 2017

You may think your service is now complete, but the procedure is not yet over.  The hair still needs to absorb more oxygen and will do so naturally through air neutralization. After you leave the salon, it is imperative not to brush your hair, tucking hair behind your ears or stretch the hair in any way for 48 to 72 hours. This is to allow your hair to completely neutralize into the current shape and this gives hair time to become firmly established and recover. No clips, pins, metal clips or clips with teeth, rubber bands, barrettes, pony tails, pullbacks for 3 days. You can wet the hair and add product to your hair in the mornings to style during the three days after your procedure. In these first 3 days you can get in the shower and allow the water to soak your hair, and condition if you would like. After getting out of the shower make sure scrunch and style so the curl stays in the best shape as possible. DO NOT straighten or leave a towel on your head.

  • Do not wear a style that “creates tension” on the hair or along the hairline such as, ponytails and pullbacks for 3 days 

  • Do not use anything that “causes pressure” on the hair such as, tight cap, hat or scarf for 3 days. 

  • You have to wash and condition your hair three days after your Gina Curl .

Do not swim in chlorinated pools or salt water for at least 2 weeks after a Gina Curl. Do not color your hair for two weeks. If you do your hair might react in a way which cannot be predicted and may revert back and over process. Do not shower with hot water. Always use warm water, not too hot, not too cold.  Do not use Anti-dandruff shampoos or baby shampoos, these may have the capabilities of breaking the altered disulfide bonds, thereby allowing the hair to revert back to its original state.


Coloring hair that has been chemically altered is much trickier than most people think, including hair color technicians, this is because the ends are very porous and the root area is much healthier. Great care needs to be taken when coloring chemically treated hair. You don’t want to put permanent color on porous ends because it is too damaging. Your hair might look healthy to them but your hair had been chemically altered. It is imperative to inform the color technician that your hair has been chemically altered before a color service. We do not recommend highlights after committing to The Gina Curl.


Clients MUST wash and comb through their hair AT LEAST ONCE a WEEK.


If clients are coming in from out of state make sure to bring a spray bottle with you.


Thank You for choosing Hair’s Talent for your hair care needs.

Do not hesitate to call or email us with any new questions.

Shampoo and Styling Techniques

In the shower, soak hair for at least 5 minutes to get water to penetrate the shaft. Shampoo (Nigelle B) scalp first, when rinsing out, you MUST RINSE, RINSE, RINSE! Water should run out sud-free and clear. With your second shampoo, you will focus more on the mid-shaft to ends. You should notice more lather with the second shampoo showing that your first shampoo cleaned well. And again RINSE WELL. Wring out hair with towel. Leaving hair soaking will hinder the conditioner to really penetrate to the hair cortex. Add Conditioner (Nigelle B+). Use a wide tooth comb and comb through. Allow to sit in hair for 5 minutes and then rinse out thoroughly. LEAVE-IN CONDITIONERS are the ONLY conditioner to be simply left in. Wrap hair with towel and dry. Take towel off and shake hair.


When styling hair, starting at the nape/bottom/ends work through with fingers. Add a leave-in conditioner (again, no proteins or keratin) and work through again to evenly disperse. We highly recommend the technique “shingling”, when adding in your styling products. This technique is when you start at the nape, taking sections and apply product through your hair with fingers. Please look at our YouTube page for our “How to apply product Shingling”. Once you distribute leave-in and your curly creams, or other products, scrunch. Place your hair the way you want to style. You can use an edge control if you would like.


Ex: Shampooing once a week, wet and condition once a week and combing through at least twice a week. Once a month use a clarifying shampoo for your first wash and moisture for second wash.


Every morning you should spray hair with water and add more product if you need to. Scrunch. Remember your hair needs moisture. Hair needs hydration.


Products will build up and matte your hair causing tangling and will make it much harder to comb through without breakage.


Wear a satin cap to avoid product transfer to your skin, clothes, or sheets.


Please be sure that the products you are using have ZERO proteins or keratin in them. Go easy with oil, they tend to weigh down the curl and cause build up.


Do NOT sleep with ponytails, braids, or bands.


Do NOT sleep with wet hair!.

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