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          34 Main St East Haven CT.

                06512 United States

                     Second Floor


                            203 .466 .1246

Niah's Second GinaCurl Testimonial 

Client Review: I have been coming to see Gina for the past 13+ years. Before seeing her I had only went into 1 other hair salon as a teenager. The stylist said they could help me out and give me what I want and instead of making this happen, he simply cut off all of my hair. After this horrible experience I completely stayed away from salons all together. In 2002 I began to do some research online and found Gina. After 6 months of following her and doing some deeper investigation I finally decided to make an appointment to discuss my hair needs. Upon my arrival I instantly felt welcome and Gina was able to really hear my concerns. That day she gave me a blow dry and I was stunned at the amazing results and how straight she got my hair. She told me if I loved this, then I would love The Thermal Reconditioning, which would allow my hair to stay straight and only require touch-ups every 6 months. Now 13 years later and 26 Thermals later I am still coming back and always leave loving the results and experience Gina offers in her Salon. And I will continue to travel from Florida to see Gina and I love my 

Bill (Melbourne, FL)

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30 Main St East Haven CT United States 06512 Second Floor

(203) 466-1246

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